It's all about talent, skill and passion.

Our team consists of 400 full-time, permanent members of staff, and we scale up to several thousand for major projects with some of the world’s largest corporations. The team includes translators, project managers, account managers, subject-matter experts, testers, software developers, audio-visual engineers, designers and linguistic QA personnel. We all share the same beliefs and vision, and work within an inclusive, welcoming, open and honest environment.

Working at Alpha is all about talent, skill and passion. We are discerning in the selection of our linguists, testers and other staff. Our linguists are all native speakers of the target languages. Our stringent selection process allows us to ensure we bring the right resources to the right projects and content. Once in place, our staff still needs to remain at the top of their game. Passionate about localisation, knowledgeable about their clients’ processes and using the latest technology, each individual adds their commitment and personality to the company.

Meet a few of our many team members.

Nina TranNina TranGerman Games Specialist
Berlin, Germany

I’m the interpreter of video games, their intercultural voice, so to speak. From the near beginning through to the release of a game we, as translators, are somehow involved. We localize, adjust, test and revise until every game that is put in front of us is ready to make its debut in a foreign language. To be able to do this, we need to be part translator, wordsmith, writer, die-hard-gamer, and watchdog. So, yeah, we are probably all these things… and sometimes just full-on nerds in our own right and who are lucky enough to turn their passion into their profession.

Roksana KrzeminskaRoksana KrzeminskaProject Assistant
Cambridge, UK

Project Management at Alpha is not a piece of cake. Various clients, tight deadlines, high quality expectations… but it is a cup of coffee in the morning with a multinational team speaking all possible languages. And it is working on a daily basis with Alpha offices located worldwide. So Project Management at Alpha is challenging but also really good fun!

Hassane HamdaneHassane HamdaneMiddle East & English Language Design Specialist
Cambridge, UK

To work in design at Alpha is to encounter some of the best technology a designer might work with. My first encounter with an Apple Macintosh happened at ALPHA in 1995. This is when I first met the Apple Macintosh Classic II. What a lovely little thing. It was an eye-opening experience.

If you think you’d fit the Alpha team, and would like to see what positions are available, our careers page has all the roles we’re looking for and more information about what it’s like to work for Alpha.