We offer full consultation around any localisation project

Like every part of our service, our localisation consultancy service is tailored to your business and your needs. To create content that engages your customers in different countries, it is often not enough merely to translate it. The culture of your audience can change drastically as you cross a border, and different continents contain as many variations in understanding as they do territories.

To allow for this, Alpha offers full consultation around any localisation project. This may be answering a few brief questions about a specific phrase, or providing a full analysis of censorship laws in different countries and how that will affect the content of your product. Whatever your questions, we are here to answer them, using our in-country or specialist teams in each language.

Proactive communication

When working with Alpha to localise your content, our localisation consultancy is always part of the arrangement. Avoiding issues means asking questions early on, and we are set on making the localisation process as smooth as possible for everyone we work with.

We have a direct line from translators to clients, via our experienced project managers, which means that queries are made before the project is finished. Sometimes we will ask questions before it has even started, because our specialists can see problems that are likely to arise in certain territories.

An Industry-specific  Localisation Consultancy

Having teams with in-depth experience in particular sectors means that we are also able to consult on sector-specific questions. Whether the queries are about software development or whether the name of a character in your game sounds right to a specific gaming community, we have the expertise – and the willingness – to help.

We are also asked, increasingly, to consult on international SEO and on localisation processes. Having pioneered our own systems, we are able to advise on the best solutions for you and your needs.