In-house, all over the world.

Alpha has expanded over thirty years to encompass eighteen offices in thirteen countries, and scales up using our global resources to match the most demanding requirements. We are one of the world’s only major localisation companies which uses an in-house model, meaning consistency and quality for our clients. With Alpha, whether the project is a small document or a major software translation of several million words, you know the team who will be translating your materials, each and every time.

This means we are also the human face of translation, providing insight, experience and open communication – from our translators right through to our account managers.

Localising, our way, since 1987

Alpha was founded in 1987, with a vision of translation and localisation that was all our own. Isabelle Weiss, the founder, believed that the quality of translation lay in the quality of the translators. Where many other translation companies were set up to use a varied group of freelancers, Isabelle instead rigorously tested and hired a full-time, in-house team.

Our team then put technology at the heart of our processes, long before it was the norm. With our own developers and engineers within the company, we found that we were able to adapt and integrate with the technology our clients wanted to use, or to provide them with our preferred tools. We have continued to push technological boundaries ever since.

Alpha’s early years saw collaborations with a series of ground-breaking tech start-ups, which went on to become some of the largest names in global technology. We grew with them, becoming a localisation team hundreds-strong and spread across multiple continents. We moved into other sectors, bringing in industry experts in a great range of fields to make sure that we provided the specialist knowledge that was needed.

We are now one of the top localisation service providers in the world, providing large-scale projects to many multi-national corporations and household names. But we have never lost our commitment to that in-house localisation model. We know that it works, and that’s what makes our clients keep coming back.

Our Vision

To provide localisation in every language and to every culture. Our in-house model allows collaboration between expert translators and cutting-edge technology, delivering the most engaging content for international corporations.

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