We are very proud to announce the launch of our new website. We have undergone a rebrand, which sees alphacrc.com become thisisalpha.com. Alpha is nearing its thirtieth birthday, and with that event approaching, we took a good look at how the firm has changed over the years. We wanted to ensure that our brand, our website and our presentation matched what makes Alpha the firm it is.

The 2016 Alpha is still in-house, but is larger, and is truly global. It offers a full, end-to-end localisation service, from copywriting to translation; from DTP to quality assurance; from audio-visual services to transcreation.We are also celebrating our human side with our rebrand, because working with Alpha is to work collaboratively with a team.

We are the same team, the same Directors, the same ownership, the same production: only larger, and able to offer more. This is Alpha: human, smart, and global.