Managing your localization, from start to finish.

Whatever your needs, we tailor our localization project management services to suit you. We offer full in-house project management, managed within our offices, as well as fully outsourced teams who are able to work on your premises, managed by you.

Localization can be a complex undertaking, but our total project management process ensures a smooth journey. Each of our teams is set up to include industry specialists, experienced linguists and project managers. Because our teams go through the process with our clients many times, we can help you avoid common problems. Where we cannot avoid them, we are swift and proactive in finding solutions.

Wholly outsourced project management

Our outsourced teams are hand-picked to match your industry. Where subject-matter experts are needed, we supply them from within our team, or recruit them using our rigorous selection methods and testing processes. In fast-moving and specialist sectors, such as Games and Fashion, there is no replacement for in-depth understanding of the context.

The whole process is also customized to fit your requirements; we work with you to create a workflow that is as efficient as our technology.

Open communication

We know that, when it comes to large or significant localization projects, mistakes spotted late can be expensive. Alpha’s incisive project management method identifies issues early, allowing us ample time to find solutions and meet deadlines. From the outset, we work with you to detect potential pressure points, and ensure our processes are developed and improved throughout.