As a firm we’ve accumulated a very large amount of translation and localization experience. We very much value intelligence and analysis, and have written for numerous publications, conferences, and online sites.

This area of the site features the white papers, articles, thought-pieces and opinions of our team.

The Real Meaning of Cultural Adaptation

Cultural adaptation doesn’t simply mean translation. That’s just the starting point. We discuss the lengths you really need to go to, to reach your global market.


Casual Gaming Serious Localisation

Everything about casual gaming is smaller than its Massively Multiplayer Online big brother – except perhaps its market, which seems to be growing by the day because everybody wants to play.


CAT got your Tongue?

Everyone loves CAT tools but not all the time. Here’s our insight into the restrictions that CAT tools can place on the creation of engaging marketing or creative content, along with an analysis of when to avoid them.


Pricing up Translation: A system to ensure fairness and consistency

We run through Alpha’s process for keeping translation pricing fair and consistent, however fresh the content.


Advertising in English: Why the Swiss choose a common tongue that is not their own

Creating fully localized content is important in a number of spheres, but so is matching the target country’s expectations. We take a look at why the Swiss choose to advertise in English, and how it impacts advertising copy.


Aiming for quality: Certification in the automotive industry

In the automotive sector more than any other, tight processes and flawless quality are paramount. We take a look at how and why certification has become a dominant force, and how localization fits into that.


How the Top 5 Games Firms Went Global

There are many different routes to taking a company global. In our Top 5 series, we look at how the best of the best did it, in each sector.

In this article, we’re looking at the giants of games publishing and development.