As Alpha celebrates its 30th birthday, Commercial Director Paul Mangell explains how the massive technological changes experienced in our industry sector have helped us to redefine an exciting new way of doing business. Aligning emerging tools such as machine translation and AI alongside unrivalled human creative talent, Paul outlines a new paradigm for localisation services in the 21st century.

‘’Alpha is in its 30th year – and our emphasis has always been on how human translators, and in-house teams, provide the best environment for consistent quality at globally affordable prices.  Of course we have seen many changes in the way language technology and process have affected the way translators – but skilled linguists are always the key element, the most valuable resource.

Machine Translation and Artificial Intelligence are not new – but overall Alpha has crafted for itself a vibrant new market. We are both MT and AI experts in tools and proprietary technology, AND we are a major global player in services for multilingual engagement, and influence, of global brands through human transcreation and copywriting.

Alpha believes in the absolute ingenuity and creativity of human linguists, and is clever enough to harness best-in-class technology, and combine these with worldwide production, to ensure its clients enjoy and profit from Local Brand Loyalty, Globally.

The reality is that within the global provision of language and copywriting, there is a service offering that encompasses all creative multilingual services (transcreation, international copywriting and audio-visual) at its core. Alpha has taken the opportunity by creating a specific division dedicated to creative multilingual services, built out of appropriate existing resources, and significantly enhanced by additional global resources in our worldwide offices.

 Alpha now offers Creative Multilingual Services and Management.  This covers the following areas –

  • Global Brand Management
  • Marketing Translation and Transcreation
  • Multilingual Audio/Visual
  • Multilingual SEO and Marketing Services
  • Multilingual Copywriting
  • Creative Language Leadership

We are ready and able to work with all global brands to provide the highest quality services in these areas.’’