Localising your content in all forms of media

Effective localisation is about more than just translating words. Alpha’s multimedia translation services can deliver your content into all forms of media. We have a specialised in-house Audio-Visual (AV) team that provides subtitling, dubbing, animation and captioning, using our own studios and our multi-talented team.

You can see some of their work in this showcase video.

Marketing videos

Video is now essential to reaching your customers. The conversion rate for landing pages which contain video is up to 80% higher than those without. So fully localised multimedia content is a direct way of increasing sales.

E-learning and educational localisation

There is no better way to make education an engaging experience than to take it off the page and into other media. But multimedia translation is an art-form in its own right.

Our team fits our skills to your vision and brand, turning your content into a localised whole. Voiceovers are expertly dubbed through our network of excellent voice artists, or subtitles are inserted. Where onscreen text appears, we are able to translate this and replace it with a localised version, which means no interruption to the experience of your audience.

Games localisation

Our team also specialises in creating localised multimedia content for games, and have worked on some of the world’s most well-known titles. Even print or trading-card games are becoming an increasingly multimedia experience, with trailers and videos encapsulating elements of each game.

Alpha’s audio-visual localisation team works in conjunction with our games specialists to re-create the experience in the target language. From voiceovers to dubbing, and from on-screen graphics to marketing materials, the AV team is committed to making all your content as immersive as your games.

To find out more about our games localisation services, take a look at our Alpha Games page.