We work with state-of-the-art translation tools

Alpha has always been at the cutting edge of translation technology, and it is our vision to use it to make the process of translation as seamless as possible. We are committed to a model of human translators working in-house, creating high-quality human translation, but we use technology to assist them at every stage. We find that this combination gives the best possible results to all of our clients.

Our team of developers work with state-of-the-art translation tools, enhancing and integrating them to suit the needs of our clients. We are expert in taking supplied files, preparing them, and making them part of an agile workflow. This method reduces your expended time and effort, as well as ours. In addition, our processes guarantee quality, and allow us to analyse each project in order to increase the efficiency of the next.

We both use and integrate with translation technology including:

  • memoQ server
  • SDL WorldServer
  • SDL MultiTerm
  • SDL GroupShare server
  • Across server and desktop
  • Star Transit
  • Passolo 2011-16

We also have no service contracts which tie our clients into specific tools. Instead, we offer advice on what we believe will be the best tools, and allow you to make the decision.

Machine Translation

Machine translation has become a very interesting field of study for Alpha. Although we offer human translation, we are also able to thread machine translation into the process in selected circumstances. For larger volumes with a time or cost constraint, we are able to offer machine translation, thoroughly reviewed and edited by our specialist team after the translation has taken place.

Machine translation has progressed hugely over the past few years. Alpha remains at the forefront of such developments, using them selectively and intelligently to create the most efficient and reliable service for all our clients.

Alongside development work, our team dedicate time to mathematical research into the next level of machine translation technology. Alpha will continue to be an active player in the future of machine translation, because we recognise where the industry is going and what is best for some of our clients.

Website translation

For international websites, where multilingual SEO is required, we use technology to create unique answers. We have pioneered a process of integration between specific CAT tools and website content management systems to produce a continuous, intelligent website localisation system.