Your game, localized by gamers

At its core, the secret to great gaming is immersion. Whether it’s a massive multiplayer MMO, an intense RPG, a low-key mobile game, or a lofty printed card game. Our goal is to truly resonate that content with players and bring them into that experience. We strive to speak to those players on a different level, in their own language. And, above all, we want it to be fun.

This is why the Alpha Games team has some of the industry’s leading creative and enthusiastic minds at its fingertips, with years of industry experience. We possess the creativity and imagination to recreate everything from humor to cultural appropriation in even the most nuanced target language. We feed off of consistency and details, which means everything from tone, legacy, style, and terminology is at the forefront of our minds at all times.

Because the landscape of the games industry is constantly evolving, the dynamic of our team is constantly adapting to fit that mold. We make it our mission to adapt our technology and customize our services to specifically fit each client’s needs. Our passion thrives not only in game localization but in project management, LQA testing, audio recording, subject matter expertise, and of course, working with some of the best names (and players) in the industry.

We strive to create personal, long-term relationships with our clients and as time passes, we become part of a family that understands each other’s goals as well as the market space in which we work. We’re located worldwide, with strong, dedicated, in-house teams in Barcelona, Berlin, Shanghai, and Tokyo, so reliability is our middle name. When localizing your game content, don’t just translate your words, let us help you immerse your players in your creation, the way you envision it.

Let Alpha Games show you how localization can bring your game to life.

Giulia ForesterGames Project Manager
Barcelona, Spain

There’s an extremely long, delicate, and precisely balanced process behind all the translated words the players spot on the screen. An intricate net of knowledge, hard work, creativity, talent and relations between the project managers, the translators, and the clients is constantly in progress, and that’s where I spend my time.


Joe HeiderJoe HeiderInternational Marketing & New Business Manager
Barcelona, Spain

Properly localizing any kind of content, especially video game related content where it has so much creativity and nuance, really makes a big difference to the audience that’s experiencing that content.  It’s not just as simple as a word for word exchange, it’s really an embodiment of a feeling or emotion, good or bad, that captivates that audience member and helps them truly experience their passion in a way that speaks to their heart.