It’s almost halfway through 2017, and there have been stacks of fantastic games released already. We’ve held an extensive, complex, and fiercely-fought internal vote amongst our (awesome, of course) game localization team, and come up with our Top Ten of all the games that have emerged.

Some of these are games we’ve worked on, and other games we’ve simply played. But we’ve tried to be as objective about it as possible and rate all games on criteria of awesomeness alone.

mass effect

No. 10 – Mass Effect: Andromeda (multiplatform)

Yeah, we know! The critics have a lot to say about this game, and the particular shame is that it was released with so many bugs. But we think it’s a worthy addition to the series that gives you the things that Bioware does so well: storytelling with an engaging battle system. Mass Effect is such a great series that any of its games should really be up there.

torment tides of

No. 9 – Torment: Tides of Numenera (PC) 

The return of a classic RPG and the classic isometric view. A great piece of news! Numenera has a focus on story and character interaction that makes it much more satisfying than a standard RPG, where we usually get hooked in more by accumulating items and levelling up. It throws further challenges at you as you get comfortable, which kept us addicted.


No. 8 – NieR: Automata (multiplatform)

Once Platinum Games takes control of the situation, you know there’s something good coming. They’ve once again released an awesome game, giving the series a new perspective, and much higher quality. There are two characters to choose from, which is satisfying, and the game packs a mean punch. It’s hack and slash, addictive, and fun to play.

little nightmares

No. 7 – Little Nightmares (multiplatform)

A little, cute and disturbing surprise from a small Austrian team. It’s got a great, claustrophobic setting – the Maw – and a very peculiar, hungry main character. Some awesome puzzles and original and disturbing twists made us really enjoy the game, though it’s a little short and episodic to be right at the top of the list.


No. 6 – Nioh (PS4)

A Dark Souls game based in Feudal Japan? It was a win-win from the beginning! This game is challenging, infuriating, and rewarding. It’s as enraging as Dark Souls has always been, and a great addition to the series. Prepare to die. Literally.

persona 5

No. 5 – Persona 5 (PS4)

The last sequel from Atlus keeps quality levels high, and has been convincing both Japanese and international audiences. If you get playing, you’ll totally agree. One of the finest games right out of Japan in this year, delivering a great story that is beyond engaging.

edith finch

No. 4 – What Remains of Edith Finch (multiplatform)

Another beautiful proof that games can be pieces of art, and better than many movies at the moment. Short but intense. Captivating and powerful story. A game that you won’t forget.

res evil

No. 3 – (multiplatform)

The last twist to the Resident Evil series has placed the series back at the top of the Survival Horror genre. It’s the first time a Resident Evil has been played in the first person, which makes the horror that bit more intense. Particularly now you can also play it with VR. Utterly terrifying.


No. 2 – Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4)

Pretty similar in essence, but much more adult than Zelda, Horizon: Zero Dawn is a masterpiece in terms of gameplay and plot, with awesome technology and graphics. It boasts an open world environment full of possibilities, with fresh stories throughout. Plus it features a kick-ass female lead. Who doesn’t love that?!

And finally, coming in at a resounding first place, almost across the board:

zelda 3

No. 1 – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)

All Zelda instalments end up being our favourite game of the year, and this last one continues the tradition. A classic from Nintendo, this time with extra exploration. Massive game that will literally swallow hundreds of hours of your time.

Honourable mentions and eagerly-anticipated releases:

sexy brutale

The Sexy Brutale (multiplatform)

Original gameplay, graphics, music, so… It won’t be in many top 10 lists, but it took a risk and made it work. We think it deserves a good mention.



Interesting gameplay. Non linear structure, allows you to go whenever you want from the start.

 Ni no

Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

We can’t wait to see the second opus in this series. The original game was a masterpiece of game meets Studio Ghibli, and Revenant Kingdom promises just as much.

star wars bf

Star Wars Battlefront 2

We’re promised galactic-scale combat and an expanded, multiplayer experience. As fans of the original, this one is definitely on our Christmas list.

mario kart 8

Mario Kart 8  – (Switch)

Playing Mario Kart in its eighth version, on brand new technology, is too good an opportunity to miss.  Retro and progressive at once. Win.