Pioneering intelligent website translation

Leading the way with website translation

Alpha specialize in international SEO consultation and implementation. We can localize your site so that it ranks highly in each language, which maximises your global exposure. This is a careful process; it includes analyzing the most relevant keywords for your target region and language, and optimizing your content to increase traffic.

Our SEO specialists are on hand to first advise you on your source website. An optimized native website lends itself to localized versions that enjoy the same high level of visibility. For instance, we can help create ideal domain names and sub-domains in each target language that are search-engine friendly. We are also able to advise fully on meta-descriptions, titles, title tags and site structure for all languages. We can fully guide you throughout the process.

Continuous intelligent translation

Thanks to our team of in-house developers, Alpha pioneered the art of intelligent website translation and localization. Through creating unique integration systems, we can offer a full localization of sites in all major content management systems, including WordPress and Drupal.

Alpha have also been instrumental in pioneering a process of continuous content localization. This lets you update or modify your content as you wish, while our translators provide it in all your chosen languages. We integrate this service with our International SEO; it ensures that all versions of your site keep performing well. And as always we consult with you where needed, with queries and suggestions at each stage. The result is speed, flexibility and value for you.

Multilingual website content

We are able to offer our multilingual copywriting services for sites where marketing and selling is key. This moves beyond translation, providing you with freshly-created copy that is perfect for all of your target languages. We take cultural differences and colloquialisms into account, yet we ensure that your message and tone of voice remain as you intended. As part of this, we can even skillfully thread in relevant keywords. This ensures perfectly tailored content for you that is still found as it should be.