We offer full consultation around any localization project

Part localization agency, part localization consultancy

Effective localization is a two-way process. As such, a large part of our work at Alpha involves us acting as a localization consultancy. We both listen to and advise our clients during the journey, resulting in the best and most cost-effective solution. Our clients’ have diverse needs and we have a global network of in-country teams to provide practical solutions to meet these. These can range from offering insight into the cultural implications of a given phrase to advising on the best use of technology.

Proactive communication

Clear and open dialogue is central to every project we work on and vital for success. Because of this, we listen carefully to our clients’ needs and ask relevant questions where necessary.

Following this, we identify key deliverables and any potential areas of difficulty at the start of any project. Developing strong communication channels is an essential part of the process. They help us to deliver the highest quality standards and to deal with any new issues as they arise.

Industry-specific consultation

We have in-house teams of specialist localization experts across a range of industry sectors including games, IT, automotive and luxury brands. As a result, we can draw on our extensive commercial experience to provide targeted localization advice to clients.

In addition, we also advise clients on a range of technology-based matters such as international SEO, machine translation and localization project management processes. Hence, with us you get sound advice on both industry-specific localization and the best way to obtain and implement it.