Localizing your content in all forms of media

Your one-stop audio, graphics and video translator service

To provide our clients with an efficient and economic service, we have our own Audio-Visual (AV) team. Hence, Alpha serves as an integrated audio, graphics and video translator, which brings all of your content in front of a global audience. We provide subtitling, dubbing, animation and captioning, using our own studios and multi-talented team.

Take a look at our showcase video:

Marketing videos

Customers love the immediacy of a video presentation; it immediately makes their target audience take notice. The conversion rate for landing pages which contain video is up to 80% higher than those without. Therefore in this day and age, can you afford not to localize your multimedia content?

E-learning and educational localization

Taking education off the page and transforming it into other media is the most effective way to teach and to learn. But taking that engaging experience and translating it into other languages can be an art-form in itself.

We turn your content into a localized whole, by taking care to apply our skills to your vision and brand. For voiceovers, our AV experts work with a network of first class voice artists; when subtitles are required, we can translate the text into a localized version that syncs perfectly with the source. All of which means you receive the right solution for you and your audience. All of which means you receive the right solution for you and your audience.

Game localization

We specialize in working with games companies, and have localized multimedia content for some of the world’s most famous titles. Even print or trading-card games are becoming an increasingly multimedia experience, with trailers and videos incapsulating elements of each game in a way that reaches out to the target audience.

What’s more, the audio-visual team works with our game specialists to re-create and localize the total game experience for the target language. From voiceovers and dubbing to on-screen graphics and even marketing materials, we handle everything. As a result we bring your localized games to life with the same high production values as the source.

To find out more about our game localization services, visit our Alpha Games page.