Your message, translated

World-class localization from an established translation company

As a world-leading translation company, we aim to meet the diverse needs of a host of global industries. For straightforward projects, we provide a highly competitive package of translation, editing and proofreading (TEP). This simple and efficient three-stage process involves at least two of our specialist translators. We also involve sector-specific experts where needed.

Our aim is clear: to deliver translated content that is both highly accurate, and reads 100% naturally in the target languages. As such, we ensure that the tone and terminology are always spot on.  We assure clients of translated materials that always match the quality, style and detail of the original.

It is sometimes necessary to go beyond straightforward translation. For culturally appropriate messaging, we also offer further localization services and advice. This includes multilingual copywriting, where we deliver creative content that is targeted towards specific audiences.

Document translation services

Our team includes highly experienced document translators, drawn from a wide range of sectors. We have experts in legal translation – a most intricate area, and our medical translation specialists draw on their industry expertise to meet the high standards of the field. We also have extensive experience of translating a broad range of other content, such as training materials or HR contracts.

Computer-assisted translation

At Alpha, we understand the huge benefits that technology brings to any translation company. We believe in creative, human translation, but with support from the best tools. As a result, we use the full range of Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. Our leading technology stack keeps us at the forefront of our sector. Hence, we are in the best place to assist clients.

We use these tools to create solutions that offer a great many benefits. These include enhanced levels of accuracy, cost savings, and faster project turnaround cycles. By integrating existing translation memories or legacy materials into these processes, we ensure that previously translated content is reused effectively. Furthermore, this eliminates the risk of error and leads to greater efficiency all round.

When working with any client, we advise on the best tools to suit their needs. We then integrate them with any existing glossaries and toolsets. This creates a perfect bespoke solution.

For a full run-down of all our technology, take a look at our translation technology services.