Localizing design

Translation design – the key to consistency and clarity

First impressions are lasting. How a document looks is as important as the content itself. Translating between one language and another can present layout challenges. Different languages mean different numbers of words, lengths of words, or even the need for right-to-left instead of left-to-right reading. All of which makes translation design essential.

Our specialist design and layout team consults you throughout this process, taking the pain out of localizing even complex layouts. From slideshows to screenshots, we make sure the visual presentation is in total harmony with the content. A complete localization solution means attention to every detail, and at the heart of this is translation design.

Our languages

We can create layouts in Cyrillic and Greek, and in double-byte languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean. We are able to work with Arabic, Hebrew, and Farsi, adapting layouts for right-to-left reading, and also work in complex scripts such as Thai.

File preparation

Our team is not only able to make translated content look good; they are also skilled at making the translation process more efficient. Where there are issues with source files (such as carriage-return codes at ends of lines, which most CAT tools break into separate segments), our design team can address them. This speeds up the workflow, saving you both time and money.

We also specialize in extracting text from certain closed formats, such as PDFs. Our new tools also let us edit PDFs in the same way that we would edit Illustrator, Photoshop, or other easily-manipulated files.

But translation design and layout for documents and slideshows is only the beginning. The world communicates through many different forms of media, and our specialized audio-visual team is ready to help your content speak the right language.