State-of-the-art translation tools come as standard

Making the most of cutting-edge translation technology is fundamental to the way we work. The Alpha approach provides talented translators and editors with the best tools. The result is high-quality, efficient translation, whether the source arrived via machine translation or a human being.

Our team of developers are experts in integration. They work with state-of-the-art translation tools to create high-impact solutions for our clients. The first stage is typically preparation; making the files suitable for translation. We then integrate the results into agile automated workflows. This approach improves speed, enhances quality, and reduces the cost.

We also engage in a full feedback process. By analyzing the success of each project, we also work to continuously improve project efficiency.

We work with all of the following tools:

  • memoQ
  • SDL WorldServer
  • SDL MultiTerm
  • SDL GroupShare server
  • Across server and desktop
  • Star Transit
  • Passolo 2011-16

We have no service contracts that bind us to certain technologies from our technology partners. Because of this, we always offer impartial advice. This includes recommendations on the best possible technology solutions for individual projects. As a result, our clients can use our expert advice to make their own informed decisions.



We focus intently on the benefits that machine translation can bring to our industry. That means that we integrate machine translation into our processes where appropriate. For large-scale projects with significant time or cost constraints, we will always machine translate. The output is then fully reviewed and edited by our in-house teams, giving an experienced human finishing touch and so, the best of both approaches.

The field of machine translation is developing rapidly. We keep fully informed of technological innovations and industry trends so that we can offer our clients the very best levels of service at the most cost-effective prices. Developments in neural machine translation (NMT) are our chief interest. Currently, we largely use a system based on Moses. We have developed the tool to complement our existing processes and technologies. However, we are gradually moving towards using NMT throughout our work.

To stay at the forefront of this fast-moving field, we are also involved in mathematical research into NMT. This will inform the next generation of machine translation tools. By being an active player in the development of this sector, we are best placed to offer our customers the best solutions based on proven industry performance.



In addition to translation, we offer multilingual SEO services. These drive web traffic from specific regional audiences. In particular, we have developed integrated processes using CAT tools and website content management systems (CMS). The result of this is a continuous, intelligent website localisation system.

The plug-ins we use work with some of the world’s leading CMS – including WordPress and Drupal. This means that our translation teams immediately receive client changes to original content. The resulting translation is then uploaded seamlessly.